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Some important functions include the design and development of menus, pricing, portion control, wastage control, customer staff relations and staff training. Food and beverages department comprises of two main operational areas: bar (service of beverages) and restaurant (dining services). In a case, if in hostel, guests don’t want to eat in a restaurant, they can go downstairs to the basement and eat in a big and comfortable bar that offers a variety of food and drinks. If guests want to explore the city where they arrived, they can go outside of the hotel and walk through King and Queen streets where they can find many good restaurants and cafes. Visitors may choose to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and try national Canadian cuisine outside of the hotel. The maintenance department guarantees the safety and security for all the staff and visitors within the boundaries and establishment. This department is responsible for decreasing operating costs in a hotel, enhancing vitality efficiencies, etc. They are securing the uprightness of the building through support of building structures (including walls, ceiling), water facilities, electricity, furniture, alarms and equipment. In Hi hostel general manager is responsible for many aspects of operations. Every hotel, including Hi hostel use an organizational structure to do its daily operations. Every task is dividing into specific departments of the hotel and organize its workforce in different ways. There are forty-five people working in the hostel. Employees of the organizational structure includes general manager, assistant of general manager, supervisors for front desk, executive housekeepers, food and beverages managers. All operations and financial budgets of Hi hostel overseen only by general manager. The main responsibilities of general manager in Hi hotel in Toronto are implementing business plan of profitability, managing business operations to achieve corporate goals, improving quality and productivity, providing guidance to employees in their assigned job duties, etc. However, there is an assistant general manager in a hostel who is responsible for all aspects of operations and has to report to general manager. His main role is to respond to all hotel issues and make sure that all goals have been achieved. Assistant general manager duties are to assist the general manager in his daily routine, provide useful training to hotel employees, assist the selection of a hostel staff, etc. He is required to make sure all of the positions are filled with professional staff who knows their responsibilities. Supervisors for front desk have to ensure all efficient operations for making good feedbacks and great guest’s first impressions of a hostel. They have to answer all guest’s questions in a professional manner and with great attitude, respond to all telephone requires and accept hostel’s reservations. Executive housekeepers have opportunities to hire, train and recruit employees in need and know how to act in situations when policies are not followed. They are also  responsible for cleanliness and orderliness of the hostel, develop implement Housekeeping systems and procedures, prepare annual Housekeeping Budgets, etc. Lastly, Food and Beverages supervisors in a Hi hostel have responsibilities for all the business operations of a dining establishment, including prepare, oversee all of the issues regarding quality control, staff management, health and safety regulations and customer service. 

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