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12 Dec 2017


are children such an easy target? Why should parents take their frustration out
on their child? How can a small, fragile, delicate child stand up to a grown
man? There are many types of causes and effects of child abuse; however, there
are way to get help.


Alcohol is a major cause for child abuse. For example,
parental alcohol abuse may contribute to the abusive treatment of children.
Furthermore, people who have been abused as children may be at increased risk
for developing alcohol abuse as adults. Child abuse is one of the many types of violence associated with alcohol
use and abuse, either as a consequence or as a causative factor. Alcohol. Parents
who are drunk or high are unable to care for their children, make good
parenting decisions, and control often-dangerous impulses. Another contributing
factor of child abuse is the parents history. At
least half of all child abuse cases involve some degree of substance
abuse (alcohol, drugs, etc) by the child’s parents. Furthermore, families under stress are more likely to
produce abusive parents and abused or neglected children, such as during
divorce or other problems with adult relationships, death, illness, disability,
incarceration, or loss of a job, according to Rycus and Hughes. Parents
who are drunk or high are unable to care for their children, make good
parenting decisions, and control often-dangerous impulses. Parental stress was found to play an important role
in abusive families. The final action, small or large, of the child
which results in abusive behavior by the parent or caretaker. There is usually
some underlying stress or stresses, including unfulfilled expectations, lack of
satisfaction or communication in marriage. Personal
stress also influences parents’ behavior toward their children. A father with
pressures from school or work might feel frustrated by a crying child.


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