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Globalisation is the process of
increasing the proportions of economic, social and cultural activities which
are carried out across national and international borders, the process of
globalisation has a significant impact on 3 different implications and those
are economic, business and social.The globalisation process has a number of
changes which has effects on markets and businesses globally, some examples of
these are “expansion of trade in goods and services between countries,the
internationalisation of products and services as well as the development of
global brands, increase in levels of labour-migration etc” – globalisation
also has an impact on the increase in inter-dependence of economies e.g.
“many of the worlds countries are quite dependant on each other for their
economic health”. In this report i will be explaining and justifying said
explanations on how globalisation has had an impact on my chosen business and
how the company changed once they started using globalisation. I will also be
explaining how globalisation has expanded overtime as well as the positives and
negatives of globalisation.

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Globalisation has quite clearly expanded
and has increased in size over the past few decades, this is clear to see as
countries who have benifited from this process have changed drastically
compared to 30/40 years ago. The company which i have chosen is Apple, apple is
an example of a company who has used globalisation to get to where they are
right now and have achieved their high amount of success because of it. A lot
of companies have followed in their footsteps and have achieved the same amount
of success but not as much, Apple once upon a time only used to run in one
country which was USA, however now they run stores in nearly every country in
the world.

People either have positive or negative
views on globalisation, there is a lot of evidence which support that
globalisation is a benefit for any company/country which use the process. There
is a widely popular view that “Globalisation has made the world a better
place” (O’Neill 2017), this view is recognised and supported almost
everywhere. This is because globalisation has bought a lot of benefits to the
world, some of those benefits include growing deeper relationships between
markets across borders and enabling consumers to gain the benefits,
improvements in dynamic efficiency, improvement in economic growth and higher
per capita incomes. Globalisation doesnt just help businesses and big
industries gain more profits in the long run it also helps countries to achive
higher rates of eonomic growth and therefore reduce the number of people that
are living in poverty, two of the main countries which are examples of this are
China and India – both of these countries annual growth has increased by 10%
and sometimes above.

Although globalisation is more often
looked on as a good thing by economists, unfortunatley it does have negative
impacts on whoever is using the process. There are views that
countries/businesses who use this process often ignore or miss real-world
problems e.g. using up resources, what i mean by this is that the world is
finite – this means that we dont have an unlimited amount of resources to use
in the world so businesses and countries set up a temporary solution which is
only best at temporary. There are other reasons as to why this can have a
negative impact on the world e.g. “globalisation increases world carbon
dioxide emissions, globalisation makes it virtually impossible for regulators
in one country to forsee the worldwide consequences of their actions, It is
leading to an increaase in world oil prices” etc. “Economists also
tend to look at results too narrowly–from the point of view of a business that
can expand, or a worker who has plenty of money, even though these users are
not typical. In real life, businesses are facing increased competition, and the
worker may be laid off because of greater competition” (Tverberg, 2013),
what this basically is trying to illustrate is that economists are regularly
viewing results too narrowly from their point of view which is a business
owners. Their main goal is too make the most money as quick as they possibly
can, this is to make sure that they survive as a business and eliminate
competitors – this then has a negative impact on the world as its resources are
being used up and will sooner be finished compared to them using it efficiently
or positively. An example of a country which is a part of these negative views
is China, below is a table which shows “Chinas energy consumption by

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