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After examining the physical characteristics, the site obstructions and the environmental
restrictions of Petalioi Gulf, an area of about 70 km2 is found as the most appropriate for an
offshore wind park installation. The area is located at a minimum distance of 1.5 km from shore
and lies in water depths from 20 to 50 m. It is worth mentioning that the area found by the spatial
analysis, described in this chapter, almost coincides with the areas that the initial governmental
study and the investment company TERNA Energy have indicated.
The area indicated by the governmental study is however much smaller, as it is about 25 km2, and
is located about 5 km away from the shoreline, most likely in order to minimize the visual impact
and conflicting marine uses. On the other hand, the area indicated by the investment company
coincides more with the area found in this project, with the only difference that is located at a
larger distance from the shoreline of Marathonas Gulf, possibly in order to avoid technical
difficulties of installing a wind park in multiple waters depths from 10 to 50 m and/or avoiding
potential conflicting marine uses and high visual impact with the most touristic area of Western
Attica, the National Park of Schinias.
For the same reasons that TERNA-Energy might have moved the wind park at a larger distance
from the shoreline, so the final area that is most suitable for the installation of an offshore wind
park is limited to water depths from 30 to 50 m, covering an area of about 55 km2, at a minimum
distance of 1.5 km from shoreline and a maximum distance of about 7 km from the shoreline of
Marathonas Gulf, as seen in Map 10.
The fact that the results of the spatial analysis of this project almost coincide with the results of the
pre-existing studies it is most likely due to the fact that in all of them only information provided
by the nautical chart of the study area is used. However, since it was very unclear what were the
specific criteria used in both of the pre-existing studies in order for the most suitable area for an
offshore wind park to be indicated, this study contributed towards identifying these criteria,
specifying them spatially and discussing their rationality and relevancy to the installation of an
offshore wind park.

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