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A true-breeding plant is a plant that will self fertilized and only produces offspring with the same traits. The alleles for these type of plants are homozygous, it contains the natural genetic makeup which is normally transferred to its future generations and do not contain any foreign genes. For this to occur parents need to be homozygous for a trait, which means the parents must be both dominant or both recessive. (which is the first Punnet square from #4)



A plant that will not breed true is the one that contains a genetic makeup which is a combination of two or more plants. In other words, a hybrid plant’s genome is not natural but contains external genes/chromosomes. These genes are not naturally occuring but are inserted to acocmplish a specific function. The results in offspring will be genotypic ratio 1:2:1(AA, Aa, aa)  and Phenotypic ratio 3-to-1 ratio (which is the second Punnet square from #4)

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